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Everything is ready for ENERGYEAR ESPAÑA 2022 on April 27th and 28th at the MARRIOTT HOTEL AUDITORIUM

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Energyear España: The Challenges and Opportunities of the Spanish
Renewable Market under debate
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Energy Transition
'Made in Spain

Energy Transition 'Made in Spain
Spain is a world leader in renewable energies. The country has the largest solar resources in Europe, a good wind potential and, in addition, a large part of the components of renewable projects are manufactured in Spain. During the meeting, the challenges that the country will have to overcome to adapt to all the renewable capacity that will come in the short and medium term will be discussed.

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The attendees of "Energyear España 2022" stand out for their high level and decision-making profile, which facilitates the closing of business deals when attending these events. In this edition, and in compliance with all the established health regulations, we will have a capacity of close to 500 participants who are at the head of the companies that lead the energy market in Spain.

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Our business platform allows all attendees to "Energyear España 2022" whether or not they are physically at the Madrid event on April 27th and 28th, to interact with each other, holding meetings, exchange material, facilitating the search for potential clients, by categories, areas of interest, etc. In this way we achieve the objective of improving business development while maintaining high levels of security.

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Your business, just one click away.

- MEET: Schedule meetings with attendees.
- FIND: Find potential customers.
- CREATE: Build partnerships for companies.
- FILTER: Filter the profiles based on your preferences.
- ORGANIZE: Organize your meetings according to the importance they have for you.

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April 27th and 28th, 2022

Two days of powerful conferences, workshops
and meetings with executives and specialists
from the renewable energy sector.

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You can experience the event both in-person
and virtually with streaming broadcast for
virtual attendees.

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Get the latest updates, trends, projections, and
insights from market leaders and
regulatory establishment.

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Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center
Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center is located between the International Airport and the city downtown. It is the chosen place for the celebration of ENERGYEAR Mediterránea 2021.
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Be part of the event of the year
ENERGYEAR Mediterránea 2021 will draw together the main executives of the contemporary energy sector in Madrid. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in a unique event.
You can now acquire your personal or group ticket in the register area. Enjoy exclusive prices by advancing your registration.